Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is a senior living facility that is based in the United Kingdom. This company has homes in over 20 locations that are completely spread out across the entire country. Their services are specifically tailored to the elderly and those with physical handicaps. So they take great care in providing the best of services.

They know that these individuals require attention that is personalized specifically to them. They also treat patients who have various conditions ranging from neurological disorders and Alzheimer’s disease to mental impairments and learning disabilities.

They offer an array of healthcare services which includes a focus on fitness and physical therapy. The company is known for their modern gym and their personalized fitness plans. They believe that it is very important to be mindful of mind, body and spirit. Residents are treated to their own personal trainers as well as customized meal plans.

The gym includes several useful pieces of equipment. For instance, residents can use underwater treadmills, weights, and other machines. They can use the pool in order to improve their posture. They may also use the hot tub in order to help relax their sore muscles. What’s even more interesting about this facility is that they do not just limit their services to their residents. They have opened their gym up to elderly and disable individuals who don’t live at Sussex Healthcare as well. This truly reflects their desire to make a difference in the community.

In its most recent update, the company announced that it would be doing a restructuring. They have made changes to management and have hired a new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is an expert who has several decades of experience in the healthcare industry. She brings significant skills to the role which Sussex feels will help them to evolve and offer an unforgettable and quality stand of living for residents.

Though she only officially stepped into the role at the beginning of the year, she is already making significant changes. For instance, she has had added an entirely different position that will help to control the quality of services. Also, she has visited each location in hopes of getting a better idea of how Sussex Healthcare can deliver even more quality services. She had meetings with the staff, the residents and even their families. Taylor has also met with the company partners. With the change in leadership, Sussex hopes to continue to be number one in healthcare field.

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