Doe Deere Discusses Her Life And How Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Dreams Come True

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who owns the cosmetics brand Lime Crime. She gave an interview a while back ago about how people can make their dreams come true. In the interview, she discussed other things such as where she got her start, has she always had ambition and talked about her time in New York City.


Deere’s Childhood And Start

Doe Deere says her formative years were spend in New York City and Russia, which is where she was born and lived until she was 17-years-old. After living in NYC for years, she eventually relocated to the city of Los Angeles. Learn more:


When she was younger, she dreamed of becoming a musician. She has always had an ambitious soul, and she moved to NYC to pursue her dream of becoming a musician.


Deere’s Advice For Younger Women Who Wants To Make Their Dreams Come True

Deere’s advice for younger women is straightforward. She believes people should follow their heart and that everyone has something unique and special about them. She believes when people tune into what makes them special, then they will blossom and reach their full potential.


The Birth Of Lime Crime

Deere has always been into brightly colored cosmetic products, as well as colors considered to be unusual. However, in 2008 she found it very difficult to find makeup she liked, so she decided to just make her own. This lead to her creating her own company, Lime Crime. Her company quickly became a major success because other girls were gravitating towards the products she was creating.


What Makeup Means To Doe Deere

Makeup means a lot to Deere. In fact, makeup is a way for Deere to express herself. She feels that this is the case with other women who buy products from Lime Crime.


The owner of Lime Crime continued to say how she attended FIT in New York and her major was fashion design. She said that makeup and fashion goes hand-in-hand, as well as hair. She said what you put on your face, what you do to your hair and what goes on your body are all ways of expression yourself.


If you want to find out what product line Lime Crime carries, feel free to visit their website. You’ll also be able to learn more about the company and Doe Deere. Learn more: