The Battle to Finish Contraband Cell Phones in Jail Spearheaded by Robert Johnson

Correctional Facilities are meant to help rehabilitate individuals and transform them into better individuals. However, some take longer to fight their evil self to reform than others. Other convicts end up engaging in criminal activities even when locked up in jail.

Presence of contraband phones in the prison facilities is one of the setbacks that the officers are dealing with in the cells. The contraband cells put the public and the officers in the facilities at the risk of getting hurt or losing their life.

Securus Technologies has helped in avoiding the ugly incidences that the phones have brought about in the past. Securus is a high tech company based in Texas. The firm has set a phone network in the correctional facilities. When a phone is attached to the network and a call is made; the company chooses what to do with the call. The company has achieved blocking over 1.7 billion prisons calls over the past years.

Robert Johnson who was a victim of the contraband cells in the jails now works as a consultant in the Securus Technologies. Robert says that the inmates began this battle and he will work to ensure it comes to an end. Robert gave his testimony in a sitting with the Federal Communication Commission addressing contraband cells as a main hazard for the jail officers.

The best solution would have been to shut down the signals around the correctional services completely. However, restricting the signals in any area is prohibited by the federal law. This is why Securus Technologies resulted in using the Wireless Containment System.

One of the cases that have agitated Robert is that of a baby who was shot in the arms of his mother in Georgia. The killing was ordered by three inmates who apparently did not like what the uncle of the baby did. The baby was only nine months!

Although Robert Johnson is in the forefront of fighting the contraband cells in the prisons, he is still healing his wounds from his past attack. Despite being a long time ago, the memories of that fateful day are still fresh in Robert’s mind. He remembers the day very vividly.

Robert had just woken up to prepare to report to work as usual when he heard a long bang at the door. He called the attacker in the hallway to ensure he didn’t go where his wife was. The only thing that he remembers after the struggle he had with this man is some guns pointed at his head and waking up in a hospital bed. He says that according to the doctors, Robert surviving the tragedy was miraculous. To her wife, it meant his purpose in the world was not complete.


Securus Wireless Restricts Illegal Communications

An ex-corrections officer named Robert Johnson has dedicated his life to protecting communities from dangerous prison inmates. He works for Securus Wireless which is a company that regulates communications between inmates and the outside world. Even after being shot six times for his incredible work, Johnson continues to pursue his mission. In his surgery, the doctor said that Johnson died twice but his wife said he didn’t die because his life work here was not over yet. Knowing how lethal a cellphone can be in an inmate’s hands is what Johnson claims is the motivation behind his relentless efforts. Countless crimes have been committed by inmates using cell phones to sell drugs, order killings, and purchase various illicit contraband. In fact, Johnson’s near-death experience was a hit ordered by an inmate’s cellphone. It was difficult at first for Johnson to figure out a way to prevent inmates from using cell phones, due to the fact that the FCC cannot legally block radio signals. Since he started working with Securus Technologies, he has been shown a solution. The company uses a containment system to detect outgoing calls from prisons, and then disconnect unidentified calls.


Not only does Securus Technologies block unidentified outgoing calls, it also tracks information being sent via cell phone. It then provides the information to correctional staff to detect who is using the phones, and prevent future illegal cell phone use. Securus’ goal is to protect the general public along with the correctional staff. According to many correctional officers, inmates using cell phones is the most dangerous criminal activity occurring within their prisons. Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, but now facilitates communications for over 3,000 agencies and over one million inmates.


Without companies like Securus Technologies, the amount of crime caused by inmates using cell phones would be exponentially higher, posing a serious threat to the public and protection staff. As Securus continues to develop, inmates in the near future may be entirely without cell phones, which would cause a reduction in inmate crime.


The work of people like Robert Johnson is what inspires others to make an effort to protect the general public. We can use this example to find ways that we can help begin a movement to benefit society today.