Adam Milstein Is A Firm Beleiver In Jewish Pride And The Benefits Of Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native and served in the Yom Kippur War. In 1978, he graduated from the Technion and came to the United States in 1981. After he earned his MBA he went to Southern California in 1978 and started a Commercial Real Estate Career. He currently serves Hagar Pacific Properties as a Managing Partner. Adam Milstein has a passion for real estate, the price fluctuations, the results, and the ups and downs. He believes in persistency and consistency and stands behind the choices he has made. When confronted with a problem he strives for understanding, contemplates the issue, then finds the solution. Adam Milstein does not believe in specific goals and simply does his very best.


Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are passionate in the strengthening of the Jewish people. They strive to provide nourishment for future generations and this was the reason the Milstein Family Foundation was created. They are helping the young professionals reconnect with their Jewish roots, use their Jewish pride, cultivate their courage, and connect with Israel. They teach them how to become an advocate for Israel and the Jewish people within their communities.


Adam Milstein is a philanthropist who dedicates so much more than money. He shares his vision, energy, time, and connections in his efforts. Ninety percent of his time is devoted to philanthropy. He makes an impact by funding programs, projects, and organizations and investing his resources, time, expertise, and ideas. Adam Milstein combines resources from numerous philanthropic organizations to increase their effect. He has meetings with hundreds of organizations each year to have an understanding of the areas he supports and help his partner organizations.


Adam Milstein pays close attention to his philanthropy to be certain the practices he uses are the best. He believes in open communication, clear priorities, and the ability to handle many things at once. He receives a lot of satisfaction from his efforts and along with his wife supports roughly 100 programs and organizations. The work they do and the money they donate brings him enjoyment and fulfilment. His shared values have created a lot of connections.


Adam Milstein’s Interview With Ideamensch

Adam Milstein is probably one of the greatest philanthropists with an Israeli affiliation

He is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He holds many titles including community leader and investor in the real estate industry.


Adam Milstein came to the US to further his studies, following a scholarship. Before then, he had been in the IDF and had graduated three years earlier. In the year 1991 when he came to the US, he decided to tag his family along. His initial plan was to complete his master’s degree in two years and be gone. However, 36 years on, he still resides in the country.


It all started when he got a commercial realtor job in Southern California. Then, he had just completed his studies and had no interest in pursuing business administration. He had found out earlier that many recruiters did not value his educational achievements. They were not even willing to pay like regular undergraduates so he decided that he would seek a greener industry.


It was in the real estate industry that he found solace. He began as a commercial realtor agent but with time saved some money which he invested in the industry. This way, Hager was born.


December 2016, Milstein had an interview with Ideamensch. Asked how he makes every day productive, Adam said that philanthropy contributes greatly to his satisfaction. It is through giving that Milstein feels his days are complete. Milstein also commented that the reason for his success is because he does most of the things himself. As much as he delegates work, he understands that if you see a problem, you have to get to the solution yourself. Also, you have to be consistent and persistent. He advises other entrepreneurs not to rely on people. Instead they should contemplate on the issues, try to understand the problems and some up with solutions.


Milstein commented that one thing that really intrigued him in this industry is the fact that demand and supply are never at par. At one point demand is higher than supply. Next, tables turn and supply exceeds demand.

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