Doe Deere Discusses Her Life And How Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Dreams Come True

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who owns the cosmetics brand Lime Crime. She gave an interview a while back ago about how people can make their dreams come true. In the interview, she discussed other things such as where she got her start, has she always had ambition and talked about her time in New York City.


Deere’s Childhood And Start

Doe Deere says her formative years were spend in New York City and Russia, which is where she was born and lived until she was 17-years-old. After living in NYC for years, she eventually relocated to the city of Los Angeles. Learn more:


When she was younger, she dreamed of becoming a musician. She has always had an ambitious soul, and she moved to NYC to pursue her dream of becoming a musician.


Deere’s Advice For Younger Women Who Wants To Make Their Dreams Come True

Deere’s advice for younger women is straightforward. She believes people should follow their heart and that everyone has something unique and special about them. She believes when people tune into what makes them special, then they will blossom and reach their full potential.


The Birth Of Lime Crime

Deere has always been into brightly colored cosmetic products, as well as colors considered to be unusual. However, in 2008 she found it very difficult to find makeup she liked, so she decided to just make her own. This lead to her creating her own company, Lime Crime. Her company quickly became a major success because other girls were gravitating towards the products she was creating.


What Makeup Means To Doe Deere

Makeup means a lot to Deere. In fact, makeup is a way for Deere to express herself. She feels that this is the case with other women who buy products from Lime Crime.


The owner of Lime Crime continued to say how she attended FIT in New York and her major was fashion design. She said that makeup and fashion goes hand-in-hand, as well as hair. She said what you put on your face, what you do to your hair and what goes on your body are all ways of expression yourself.


If you want to find out what product line Lime Crime carries, feel free to visit their website. You’ll also be able to learn more about the company and Doe Deere. Learn more:


Dick DeVos Is A Renowned Reformer

Many people know Dick DeVos as the husband of Betsy DeVos, who has been politically active since she was in college. But I am well aware that reforming tendency is a part of their family. It was in 2006 that Dick DeVos has stood for elections for the Governor of Michigan. He was the Republican nominee.


Dick DeVos has always looked for innovative solutions in business as well as in politics. He had founded the Windquest Group along with his wife in 1989. I know it to be a privately held group that is investing in varied fields that include technology, manufacturing, along with clean energy. Dick DeVos is well-known as was the former president of Amway. In addition, he has been the former president of Orlando Magic NBA franchise.


But I also know Dick DeVos for his various nonprofit roles. He is heading the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. His charitable interests are varied.


He had paid a visit to the Potter’s House Christian School along with his wife when their kids were young enough. This place had been serving many low-income families for the past 30 years. This was when they met those parents who had been trying very hard to provide a safe, learning environment to their kids.


This made him go back to the place again and again, along with his wife. He had ample resources to send his kids to whichever school he wanted. But he saw that there were other parents who were trying very hard to do so. This was when they decided to support some individual students at this school. Slowly, it turned into a much larger commitment. Even today, Dick DeVos supports the Potter’s House significantly.


I realized that all this had a major impact on Dick DeVos. He along with Betsy became increasingly committed to helping parents who came from low-income families. They wanted them to be able to choose the right school for their kids as that would have been fair.


Dick DeVos decides to run for the State Board of Education. He got elected to the Board in Michigan in 1990. He also started a foundation. This was giving scholarships to low-income families. This allowed parents to decide where they would send their kids for education. But they also realized that this was not the way to address the real problem. Hence he decided to get involved in the movement for choosing education.


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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping – Modernity with Change

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur and respected property developer who is responsible for Manaira, one of Brazil’s top shopping malls in the Paraiba state.


Located in Joao Pessoa, Manaira, the success of the shopping center has been primarily attributed to the vast amount of honest, positive reviews it has been getting, whether through online or more traditional media like newspapers and magazine. This comes as a new surprise, especially in the online aspect, and more especially in social media, because once a brand or company name starts trending in social media, it is like free advertising and with more reach. But what is it with Roberto Santiago’s Manaira shopping that attracts a lot of attention and in result more positive reviews?


Experts say that it is because of Manaira’s core design and simple yet effective messaging or call to action from the mall. It has a feel to it that attracts you to go inside and “do something” in the shopping, like meeting your friends and watching a movie.


The mall has a ton of shops, restaurants, and cinemas that attract people in all walks of life. Be it teenagers, young adult, middle-aged or old people.


Now one of the most popular leisure activities of Brazilians, when they go to shopping malls, is going to the theatre, so Roberto Santiago made it his priority to make the cinemas in Manaria modern, state-of-the-art and above all, clean and comfortable.


There are also various exciting events in the mall that continuously change, usually depending on the season. Manaira Shopping is also one of the shopping centers in the entire Latin America that has been updated the most since its inauguration.


Roberto Santiago ordered a reform of the parking region and increased the total space occupied by the shopping center twice already, adding new places to visit, new activities to do with the family and more opportunities to go shopping and buy all kinds of stuff.


Manaira Shopping was created on November 11, 1989, which makes it not a very modern shopping center compared to some of the most prominent shoppings in the country. However, what stands out is that it is always renewed to feel fresh and exciting, like in 2013 when Roberto Santiago made an expansion and in 2014 the entrepreneur inaugurated the gourmet space.


Truly, Roberto Santiago’s Manaria Shopping mall has become a favorite place to go for Brazilians, whether they are just meeting a friend, looking for a place to eat, shop or to sit back and watch a movie. The amount of leizure has been drastically incrased since the foundation of the shopping center because of the amount of updating and all the extensions that have been made by Roberto Santiago.