Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is a senior living facility that is based in the United Kingdom. This company has homes in over 20 locations that are completely spread out across the entire country. Their services are specifically tailored to the elderly and those with physical handicaps. So they take great care in providing the best of services.

They know that these individuals require attention that is personalized specifically to them. They also treat patients who have various conditions ranging from neurological disorders and Alzheimer’s disease to mental impairments and learning disabilities.

They offer an array of healthcare services which includes a focus on fitness and physical therapy. The company is known for their modern gym and their personalized fitness plans. They believe that it is very important to be mindful of mind, body and spirit. Residents are treated to their own personal trainers as well as customized meal plans.

The gym includes several useful pieces of equipment. For instance, residents can use underwater treadmills, weights, and other machines. They can use the pool in order to improve their posture. They may also use the hot tub in order to help relax their sore muscles. What’s even more interesting about this facility is that they do not just limit their services to their residents. They have opened their gym up to elderly and disable individuals who don’t live at Sussex Healthcare as well. This truly reflects their desire to make a difference in the community.

In its most recent update, the company announced that it would be doing a restructuring. They have made changes to management and have hired a new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is an expert who has several decades of experience in the healthcare industry. She brings significant skills to the role which Sussex feels will help them to evolve and offer an unforgettable and quality stand of living for residents.

Though she only officially stepped into the role at the beginning of the year, she is already making significant changes. For instance, she has had added an entirely different position that will help to control the quality of services. Also, she has visited each location in hopes of getting a better idea of how Sussex Healthcare can deliver even more quality services. She had meetings with the staff, the residents and even their families. Taylor has also met with the company partners. With the change in leadership, Sussex hopes to continue to be number one in healthcare field.

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Whitney Wolfe Taking A Stance One Swipe At A Time!

Tinder’s parent company Match Group is suing dating app Bumble for alleged copyright infringement on 2 of its well known design patents. Stating that Bumble copied its swipe left and right feature for its app. Tinder and Bumble have had a long history with one another with the link being Whitney Wolfe Herd. Being sighted as the main conspirator for taking design patents from Tinder app and using it in her founded app Bumble. The Bumble app uses designs similar to the Tinder app where it allows women to make the first move by swiping left or right in its communications. The lawsuit comes after Whitney Wolfe Herd declined a buyout from Match Group and a lawsuit she filed against the group for sexual harassment and discrimination. It’s a fight that the founder of Bumble was welling to take to stand up for other women possibly facing the same experiences.

Whitney Wolfe Herd grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and would later attend Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. She found herself taking a liking into marketing and business by developing and starting her own business at 19 selling bamboo tote bags to benefit the BP oil spill. She later put her interest in a startup app called Tinder where she became the Vice President of Marketing and co-founder, helping the app grow into mass appeal with singles looking to date with a swipe of a button. Though she had much success at the company, tensions grew with her and other executives at the company and she departed ways shortly after. After her departure she filed a sexual harassment suit against the company and was awarded $1 million, plus stock in the company.

Whitney Wolfe would soon put her sights on starting her own dating app called Bumble, where it put a emphasis on women taking control of the dating and meeting process by making the first move. Bumble’s new an innovative approach to dating, and added social media expansions of Bumble Bizz for business networking and Bumble BFF to find new friendships has grown its users to more than 22 million.

Whitney Wolfe Herd shared her past experiences of discrimination and harassment and made it a point to improve culture for women at the SXSW conference with the Bumble mission and commitment to helping women have a voice and the freedom of choice in their daily lives.

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Third wheeling my favorite @bumblebff ‘s on the cover of the Spring @saks catalog 💃🏼

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Life Lessons from Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon in Eatontown, New Jersey, who also specializes in thoracic surgery. He’s been practicing for 34 years and has an affiliation with numerous hospitals that include the Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus.

When Dr. Saad Saad was asked in a recent interview about why he become a physician, the answer he gave might be surprising. While many people become doctors because they want to help people, Dr. Saad’s reason for becoming a doctor was so that he could work in an air-conditioned environment. It’s not hard to understand his reasoning after hearing the story about his childhood.

Today, it would be difficult for anyone to look at the Middle East and not associate it with the Oil industry. However, this was not the case when Dr. Saad was born, as oil in that region was just beginning to be discovered. In Kuwait, where Dr. Saad spent much of his childhood, his father was a petroleum mechanic. During high school, Dr. Saad and his brother worked at a construction site. One day, Dr. Saad felt ill, fainted, and had to be treated for a heat stroke caused by working in the hot sun. That experience taught him that he was not made for manual labor. The only place Dr. Saad knew of where he would not have to do outdoor manual work was a hospital operating room. As he reflected on the incident and the type of life he would have, Dr. Saad decided to become a pediatric surgeon. Later, Dr. Saad would graduate from Cairo University School of Medicine as the salutatorian.

Two life lessons helped Dr. Saad achieve his goals. The first lesson is accepting nothing less than the success you seek. The second lesson is not to put off until tomorrow what can be done today. He lived by those rules. Dr. Saad believes that if he, being a poor refugee from Palestine, could become successful that anyone can become successful. At one point in his career, Dr. Saad was the only U.S. Board-Certified pediatric surgeon who was able to speak both Arabic and English. Because of those unique qualifications, he served as the Pediatric Surgeon for the Saudi Royal family until 1989.

Dr. Saad is perhaps most known for his development of a surgical procedure that eliminated the need for an additional incision on the child’s body. Thus far, over 2,000 young patients have benefited from that development. Learn more:

US Money Reserve Explains Inflations, the Risks Associated with it, and Protective Measures

US Money Reserve, the largest supplier of Federal government-issued bullion in the United States, recently spoke about inflation, contributing factors to it, and protective measures to safeguard people from the loss. The firm explained that inflation is a major economic indicator and explains how prices of various goods and services in a country or economy affect its citizens. It is also affecting the affordability factor of the people and impacts their daily life. At 2.1%, the current inflation rate of the country is found to be making some people worried. Inflation is a phrase used to describe the rate of increase of prices of various products and services for a stipulated period.



Consumer Price Index or CPI is the most used term to define and describe the rate of change of prices. It lists almost all the products and services produced in an economy for a certain period, takes their previous period price, and compare it with current prices to arrive the numbers. When the current inflation at 2.1%, the prices of products and services on average went up by that much percentage compared to last year. It also meant that people have to spend 2.1% more to avail the same service and products compared to last year.



Due to the increased spending requirements, the inflation is not a good thing for individuals. Similarly, when prices fall, it causes deflation, and that reduces the spending limit, which can lead to a recession at the end. Inflation has a number of disadvantages that affect almost everyone. It reduces the purchasing power of individuals and diminishes the money left over for saving. Inflation can complicate the retirement plans and troubles retired people as they have to pay more for goods and services. It also makes the interest rates up, and that causes people to pay higher rates on mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, and more.



Interestingly, US Money Reserve provided some smarter tips to protect the individuals from the threats of inflation. It says that diversifying the assets from Dollar is an excellent option to escape from the inflation. Buying storable commodities including precious metals is a great option to deal with the growing rate. The other options of diversification include moving to foreign asset classes, natural resources, mining company shares, investing in companies that produce offshore profits, and more. Buying physical gold is another great option to deal with inflation.



The President of US Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl confirmed that gold is found to be outperforming other asset classes, especially during the inflation period. Whenever the inflation has gone up beyond 3%, gold showed a price hike of 14% on an average, and it shows how inflation is directly connected to gold, said Diehl. The third option to safeguard from inflation is investing in training and education. Investing in knowledge advancement during those years can help people to increase their earning capacity. The education also helps people to stay updated and alerted against adverse conditions including inflation better. Since it founded in 2001, US Money Reserve grabbed the global leadership of the precious metal industry and expanded to offer other government-issued bullions as well.



The Battle to Finish Contraband Cell Phones in Jail Spearheaded by Robert Johnson

Correctional Facilities are meant to help rehabilitate individuals and transform them into better individuals. However, some take longer to fight their evil self to reform than others. Other convicts end up engaging in criminal activities even when locked up in jail.

Presence of contraband phones in the prison facilities is one of the setbacks that the officers are dealing with in the cells. The contraband cells put the public and the officers in the facilities at the risk of getting hurt or losing their life.

Securus Technologies has helped in avoiding the ugly incidences that the phones have brought about in the past. Securus is a high tech company based in Texas. The firm has set a phone network in the correctional facilities. When a phone is attached to the network and a call is made; the company chooses what to do with the call. The company has achieved blocking over 1.7 billion prisons calls over the past years.

Robert Johnson who was a victim of the contraband cells in the jails now works as a consultant in the Securus Technologies. Robert says that the inmates began this battle and he will work to ensure it comes to an end. Robert gave his testimony in a sitting with the Federal Communication Commission addressing contraband cells as a main hazard for the jail officers.

The best solution would have been to shut down the signals around the correctional services completely. However, restricting the signals in any area is prohibited by the federal law. This is why Securus Technologies resulted in using the Wireless Containment System.

One of the cases that have agitated Robert is that of a baby who was shot in the arms of his mother in Georgia. The killing was ordered by three inmates who apparently did not like what the uncle of the baby did. The baby was only nine months!

Although Robert Johnson is in the forefront of fighting the contraband cells in the prisons, he is still healing his wounds from his past attack. Despite being a long time ago, the memories of that fateful day are still fresh in Robert’s mind. He remembers the day very vividly.

Robert had just woken up to prepare to report to work as usual when he heard a long bang at the door. He called the attacker in the hallway to ensure he didn’t go where his wife was. The only thing that he remembers after the struggle he had with this man is some guns pointed at his head and waking up in a hospital bed. He says that according to the doctors, Robert surviving the tragedy was miraculous. To her wife, it meant his purpose in the world was not complete.


Richard Blair Offers Sound Investment Solutions

The founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair offers various financial solutions to customers in Austin, Texas and beyond.


Financial Path Observed by Wealth Solutions


According to Blair, every person requires a concrete financial plan that will enable them to attain their financial goals in the long run. He says that in most cases people do not achieve their goals not because they do not have that capacity, rather they lack the requisite knowledge to do so. That is why the founder of Wealth solutions has devoted himself to help the people of Austin, Texas by offering wealth management services as well as retirement packages to clients.


Wealth Solutions simply takes a three-pillar approach which makes it easy for the firm to discover the situation in which its clients are in and later come up with a customized financial plan for each client.


Pillar One: The first pillar is designed to allow clients come up with a financial roadmap they want to use in their journey to financial success. The pillar makes it easy for clients to identify their goals, strengths, risks, and opportunities. When the company understands all those details about its clients, it becomes easy to generate a financial solution plan for them.


Pillar Two: The second pillar is used by the company to come up with a long-term plan which matches the investment needs of clients. It is designed to cater to the specific needs of a client’s goals. Blair and his firm ensure that the assets of their clients are reallocated to maximize performance.


Pillar Three: After identifying the goals targeted by every client and developing strategies for achieving them, Richard takes care of their insurance needs. The insurance package is inclusive of both long-term care as well as life insurance.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair was largely influenced by his family background and teachings to start offering financial services and advice both to individuals and small businesses. His mother and grandmother were both teachers and as he saw them teaching, he realized the power of knowledge in transforming people’s lives.


Richard Blair is a highly qualified and experienced individual with several academic qualifications such as CES, CAS, CFS, and RICP. His company, Wealth Solutions has helped transform the lives of many people in Austin, Texas. He has developed various financial solutions which have been proven to work for a majority of people across Texas and its environs.


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India Is A Promising Marketplace For Talk Fusion

The all-in-one suite for innovative video communications and useful marketing tools, Talk Fusion recently announced that they are now expanding to India. The company has received a lot of consumers in India and to show appreciation their new branch will be based in New Delhi and will act as a support system for the country’s marketplace. Talk Fusion is planning to use this new office as an in-house training facility for locals to take part in. The New Delhi office will be under management by Guru Lal Singh, he hopes that his country will one day be one of Talk Fusion’s premium marketplaces.


The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, looks forward to the office and plans to travel to New Delhi as soon as possible to see his new team members and collaborate on what’s to come. India’s marketplace is ideal for marketing Talk Fusion’s tech products, the company’s founder believes that it will change the lives of many individuals living within the country as well as other corners of the world. Talk Fusion uses independent associates from over 140 countries to market their products, the members are awarded with designer products as bonuses and will instantly receive residual income for all of their services.


Founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion offers state-of-the-art video marketing solutions and other award-winning communication products. The company is headquartered in Brandon, Florida and their products are marketed to others by members from all parts of the world. They currently offer video email, video suite packages and additional services. In 2016, the company was honored with the “WebRTC Product of the Year” award and the “Communications Solutions Product of the Year” award. Talk Fusion is actively known to give back to charitable organizations and they support important causes that are dear to them. Learn more:

U.S. Money Reserve Releases Helpful Reading Material for Investors

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve, known as America’s Gold Authority, published an eBook as a response to the political and global turmoil. The book is called The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. Those who downloaded the eBook were also offered 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle Coins, which were available at a limited-time price. This special report is available online, and its focus is to educate concerned Americans about the state of the economy. The eBook also explains how to be protected from economic risk and asserts that people can grow their money by investing in gold, since the precious metal is a financial safety net during times of global financial uncertainty.


Trade wars and global upset in the financial sector seems to be in the news in some form or another every day. Some money experts are even noticing a “perfect storm” of economy upheaval on the horizon, which is why the U.S. Money Reserve is providing new customers with the chance to buy the 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle Coins at cost. The Reserve anticipates that all the coins will sell out at the special price that is now offered.


Philip N. Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, says that gold has been a safe investment around the world for a very long time. He also shares that this is the reason that the price of gold goes up during economic hardship. Diehl asserts that this precious metal is tangible and continues to maintain its value, which is why gold is a financial tool approved by the government to protect savings, whether investors are obtaining the goal for business or personal financial gain. Diehl is also seen as one of history’s most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors, and has come to be a trusted source for financial advice in the precious metals market, which led him to his leadership position at the U.S. Money Reserve.


To download the eBook from U.S. Money Reserve, visit For additional information or to speak with someone from the U.S. Money Reserve, visit the organization website as or contact Lacy Rushin at or Christol Farris at 512.583.6542 or


Securus Wireless Restricts Illegal Communications

An ex-corrections officer named Robert Johnson has dedicated his life to protecting communities from dangerous prison inmates. He works for Securus Wireless which is a company that regulates communications between inmates and the outside world. Even after being shot six times for his incredible work, Johnson continues to pursue his mission. In his surgery, the doctor said that Johnson died twice but his wife said he didn’t die because his life work here was not over yet. Knowing how lethal a cellphone can be in an inmate’s hands is what Johnson claims is the motivation behind his relentless efforts. Countless crimes have been committed by inmates using cell phones to sell drugs, order killings, and purchase various illicit contraband. In fact, Johnson’s near-death experience was a hit ordered by an inmate’s cellphone. It was difficult at first for Johnson to figure out a way to prevent inmates from using cell phones, due to the fact that the FCC cannot legally block radio signals. Since he started working with Securus Technologies, he has been shown a solution. The company uses a containment system to detect outgoing calls from prisons, and then disconnect unidentified calls.


Not only does Securus Technologies block unidentified outgoing calls, it also tracks information being sent via cell phone. It then provides the information to correctional staff to detect who is using the phones, and prevent future illegal cell phone use. Securus’ goal is to protect the general public along with the correctional staff. According to many correctional officers, inmates using cell phones is the most dangerous criminal activity occurring within their prisons. Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, but now facilitates communications for over 3,000 agencies and over one million inmates.


Without companies like Securus Technologies, the amount of crime caused by inmates using cell phones would be exponentially higher, posing a serious threat to the public and protection staff. As Securus continues to develop, inmates in the near future may be entirely without cell phones, which would cause a reduction in inmate crime.


The work of people like Robert Johnson is what inspires others to make an effort to protect the general public. We can use this example to find ways that we can help begin a movement to benefit society today.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Brilliant Dental Surgeon And Caring, Generous Philanthropist

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is joint chairman of the board of Sussex County, South England based Sussex Health Care Company. The company operates care homes and provides support services for older people and patients suffering from dementia, neurological problems and PMLD.

Born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. After beginning his training in dentistry, he moved to London, England, became a British citizen and graduated from the University of London’s Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in 1975.

Dr. Sachedina went on to become a noted dental surgeon and held a variety of positions with several healthcare companies.

In addition to his dental and medical work in the United Kingdom, Dr. Shafik Sachedina also volunteers in Aiglemont in France at the Aga Khan Secretariat as head of the Jamati Institutions department. There he coordinates the programs and activities for the Ismaili community institutions in 16 principal areas.

Dr Sachedina also works to help them interface with institutions and programs of the Aga Khan Development Network in Central Asia based Ismaili communities. He has been working with the board of governors of the Institute of Ismaili Studies since 1995.

Dr Sachedina also plays a number of other important roles in the Ismaili Imamat and community. He is an Aga Khan Development Network Committee member, an Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum member and is the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-ordinating Committee chairman.

Dr Sachedina also served two consecutive terms as the U.K. Ismaili Council president and does projects in a number of small Ismaili communities throughout the United Kingdom. All of those are unpaid volunteer position in keeping with long held cultural tradition. Dr. Sachedina believes offering one’s service for free to help empower people and improve their lives is the most fulfilling thing a person can do.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was Imara U.K. Limited’s director. This helped make him the talented, experienced dental surgeon he is today. It was also part of the reason he was chosen in 1998 to lead Sussex Health Care Limited and serve as its director.

At Sussex Health Care, Dr. Sachedina helps the staff use the latest technology to develop effective solutions for a variety of dental problems with which patients suffer. His body of work has led to him earning the reputation of being one of the most reliable, experienced dental surgeons in the U.K. today. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has received numerous awards and accolades for his work.