The Battle to Finish Contraband Cell Phones in Jail Spearheaded by Robert Johnson

Correctional Facilities are meant to help rehabilitate individuals and transform them into better individuals. However, some take longer to fight their evil self to reform than others. Other convicts end up engaging in criminal activities even when locked up in jail.

Presence of contraband phones in the prison facilities is one of the setbacks that the officers are dealing with in the cells. The contraband cells put the public and the officers in the facilities at the risk of getting hurt or losing their life.

Securus Technologies has helped in avoiding the ugly incidences that the phones have brought about in the past. Securus is a high tech company based in Texas. The firm has set a phone network in the correctional facilities. When a phone is attached to the network and a call is made; the company chooses what to do with the call. The company has achieved blocking over 1.7 billion prisons calls over the past years.

Robert Johnson who was a victim of the contraband cells in the jails now works as a consultant in the Securus Technologies. Robert says that the inmates began this battle and he will work to ensure it comes to an end. Robert gave his testimony in a sitting with the Federal Communication Commission addressing contraband cells as a main hazard for the jail officers.

The best solution would have been to shut down the signals around the correctional services completely. However, restricting the signals in any area is prohibited by the federal law. This is why Securus Technologies resulted in using the Wireless Containment System.

One of the cases that have agitated Robert is that of a baby who was shot in the arms of his mother in Georgia. The killing was ordered by three inmates who apparently did not like what the uncle of the baby did. The baby was only nine months!

Although Robert Johnson is in the forefront of fighting the contraband cells in the prisons, he is still healing his wounds from his past attack. Despite being a long time ago, the memories of that fateful day are still fresh in Robert’s mind. He remembers the day very vividly.

Robert had just woken up to prepare to report to work as usual when he heard a long bang at the door. He called the attacker in the hallway to ensure he didn’t go where his wife was. The only thing that he remembers after the struggle he had with this man is some guns pointed at his head and waking up in a hospital bed. He says that according to the doctors, Robert surviving the tragedy was miraculous. To her wife, it meant his purpose in the world was not complete.


Richard Blair Offers Sound Investment Solutions

The founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair offers various financial solutions to customers in Austin, Texas and beyond.


Financial Path Observed by Wealth Solutions


According to Blair, every person requires a concrete financial plan that will enable them to attain their financial goals in the long run. He says that in most cases people do not achieve their goals not because they do not have that capacity, rather they lack the requisite knowledge to do so. That is why the founder of Wealth solutions has devoted himself to help the people of Austin, Texas by offering wealth management services as well as retirement packages to clients.


Wealth Solutions simply takes a three-pillar approach which makes it easy for the firm to discover the situation in which its clients are in and later come up with a customized financial plan for each client.


Pillar One: The first pillar is designed to allow clients come up with a financial roadmap they want to use in their journey to financial success. The pillar makes it easy for clients to identify their goals, strengths, risks, and opportunities. When the company understands all those details about its clients, it becomes easy to generate a financial solution plan for them.


Pillar Two: The second pillar is used by the company to come up with a long-term plan which matches the investment needs of clients. It is designed to cater to the specific needs of a client’s goals. Blair and his firm ensure that the assets of their clients are reallocated to maximize performance.


Pillar Three: After identifying the goals targeted by every client and developing strategies for achieving them, Richard takes care of their insurance needs. The insurance package is inclusive of both long-term care as well as life insurance.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair was largely influenced by his family background and teachings to start offering financial services and advice both to individuals and small businesses. His mother and grandmother were both teachers and as he saw them teaching, he realized the power of knowledge in transforming people’s lives.


Richard Blair is a highly qualified and experienced individual with several academic qualifications such as CES, CAS, CFS, and RICP. His company, Wealth Solutions has helped transform the lives of many people in Austin, Texas. He has developed various financial solutions which have been proven to work for a majority of people across Texas and its environs.


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India Is A Promising Marketplace For Talk Fusion

The all-in-one suite for innovative video communications and useful marketing tools, Talk Fusion recently announced that they are now expanding to India. The company has received a lot of consumers in India and to show appreciation their new branch will be based in New Delhi and will act as a support system for the country’s marketplace. Talk Fusion is planning to use this new office as an in-house training facility for locals to take part in. The New Delhi office will be under management by Guru Lal Singh, he hopes that his country will one day be one of Talk Fusion’s premium marketplaces.


The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, looks forward to the office and plans to travel to New Delhi as soon as possible to see his new team members and collaborate on what’s to come. India’s marketplace is ideal for marketing Talk Fusion’s tech products, the company’s founder believes that it will change the lives of many individuals living within the country as well as other corners of the world. Talk Fusion uses independent associates from over 140 countries to market their products, the members are awarded with designer products as bonuses and will instantly receive residual income for all of their services.


Founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion offers state-of-the-art video marketing solutions and other award-winning communication products. The company is headquartered in Brandon, Florida and their products are marketed to others by members from all parts of the world. They currently offer video email, video suite packages and additional services. In 2016, the company was honored with the “WebRTC Product of the Year” award and the “Communications Solutions Product of the Year” award. Talk Fusion is actively known to give back to charitable organizations and they support important causes that are dear to them. Learn more:

U.S. Money Reserve Releases Helpful Reading Material for Investors

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve, known as America’s Gold Authority, published an eBook as a response to the political and global turmoil. The book is called The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. Those who downloaded the eBook were also offered 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle Coins, which were available at a limited-time price. This special report is available online, and its focus is to educate concerned Americans about the state of the economy. The eBook also explains how to be protected from economic risk and asserts that people can grow their money by investing in gold, since the precious metal is a financial safety net during times of global financial uncertainty.


Trade wars and global upset in the financial sector seems to be in the news in some form or another every day. Some money experts are even noticing a “perfect storm” of economy upheaval on the horizon, which is why the U.S. Money Reserve is providing new customers with the chance to buy the 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle Coins at cost. The Reserve anticipates that all the coins will sell out at the special price that is now offered.


Philip N. Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, says that gold has been a safe investment around the world for a very long time. He also shares that this is the reason that the price of gold goes up during economic hardship. Diehl asserts that this precious metal is tangible and continues to maintain its value, which is why gold is a financial tool approved by the government to protect savings, whether investors are obtaining the goal for business or personal financial gain. Diehl is also seen as one of history’s most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors, and has come to be a trusted source for financial advice in the precious metals market, which led him to his leadership position at the U.S. Money Reserve.


To download the eBook from U.S. Money Reserve, visit For additional information or to speak with someone from the U.S. Money Reserve, visit the organization website as or contact Lacy Rushin at or Christol Farris at 512.583.6542 or


Securus Wireless Restricts Illegal Communications

An ex-corrections officer named Robert Johnson has dedicated his life to protecting communities from dangerous prison inmates. He works for Securus Wireless which is a company that regulates communications between inmates and the outside world. Even after being shot six times for his incredible work, Johnson continues to pursue his mission. In his surgery, the doctor said that Johnson died twice but his wife said he didn’t die because his life work here was not over yet. Knowing how lethal a cellphone can be in an inmate’s hands is what Johnson claims is the motivation behind his relentless efforts. Countless crimes have been committed by inmates using cell phones to sell drugs, order killings, and purchase various illicit contraband. In fact, Johnson’s near-death experience was a hit ordered by an inmate’s cellphone. It was difficult at first for Johnson to figure out a way to prevent inmates from using cell phones, due to the fact that the FCC cannot legally block radio signals. Since he started working with Securus Technologies, he has been shown a solution. The company uses a containment system to detect outgoing calls from prisons, and then disconnect unidentified calls.


Not only does Securus Technologies block unidentified outgoing calls, it also tracks information being sent via cell phone. It then provides the information to correctional staff to detect who is using the phones, and prevent future illegal cell phone use. Securus’ goal is to protect the general public along with the correctional staff. According to many correctional officers, inmates using cell phones is the most dangerous criminal activity occurring within their prisons. Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, but now facilitates communications for over 3,000 agencies and over one million inmates.


Without companies like Securus Technologies, the amount of crime caused by inmates using cell phones would be exponentially higher, posing a serious threat to the public and protection staff. As Securus continues to develop, inmates in the near future may be entirely without cell phones, which would cause a reduction in inmate crime.


The work of people like Robert Johnson is what inspires others to make an effort to protect the general public. We can use this example to find ways that we can help begin a movement to benefit society today.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Brilliant Dental Surgeon And Caring, Generous Philanthropist

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is joint chairman of the board of Sussex County, South England based Sussex Health Care Company. The company operates care homes and provides support services for older people and patients suffering from dementia, neurological problems and PMLD.

Born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. After beginning his training in dentistry, he moved to London, England, became a British citizen and graduated from the University of London’s Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in 1975.

Dr. Sachedina went on to become a noted dental surgeon and held a variety of positions with several healthcare companies.

In addition to his dental and medical work in the United Kingdom, Dr. Shafik Sachedina also volunteers in Aiglemont in France at the Aga Khan Secretariat as head of the Jamati Institutions department. There he coordinates the programs and activities for the Ismaili community institutions in 16 principal areas.

Dr Sachedina also works to help them interface with institutions and programs of the Aga Khan Development Network in Central Asia based Ismaili communities. He has been working with the board of governors of the Institute of Ismaili Studies since 1995.

Dr Sachedina also plays a number of other important roles in the Ismaili Imamat and community. He is an Aga Khan Development Network Committee member, an Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum member and is the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-ordinating Committee chairman.

Dr Sachedina also served two consecutive terms as the U.K. Ismaili Council president and does projects in a number of small Ismaili communities throughout the United Kingdom. All of those are unpaid volunteer position in keeping with long held cultural tradition. Dr. Sachedina believes offering one’s service for free to help empower people and improve their lives is the most fulfilling thing a person can do.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was Imara U.K. Limited’s director. This helped make him the talented, experienced dental surgeon he is today. It was also part of the reason he was chosen in 1998 to lead Sussex Health Care Limited and serve as its director.

At Sussex Health Care, Dr. Sachedina helps the staff use the latest technology to develop effective solutions for a variety of dental problems with which patients suffer. His body of work has led to him earning the reputation of being one of the most reliable, experienced dental surgeons in the U.K. today. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has received numerous awards and accolades for his work.

All About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a diverse lawyer. He is also an Israeli diplomat and a writer. He was born in 1962. He has accomplished many things throughout his career. He is currently a director at the Foundation in Jerusalem.



Taub was born in the United Kingdom. He is very educated, he attended many elite universities, including university College, Oxford, Harvard University, and University College, London. Taub’s life changed for the better when he relocated to Israel. While in Israel, he served in the Israel Defense Forces where he held many important positions. He even had a unique opportunity to work with the President of Israel as a speechwriter. After a few years of living in Israel, Taub then became a member of the Israel Foreign Ministry.


In 2001 Taub encountered even more success when he was appointed as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Under Taub’s leadership the trading revenue between the United Kingdom and Israel reached a total profit of $8 billion, which is the highest its ever been. Taub has been nominated and awarded for different awards and recognitions while in this position. Many people agree that Taub is a great leader and has strong leadership skills.


Daniel has many words of advice that he has used and still uses throughout his personal life and professional career in order to obtain and maintain success. The first tip is to never look back. Taub thinks that it is important to not dwell on the past but focus on the present and future goals and accomplishments instead. Focusing on the present will help you to keep obtaining success.


He also recommends that regrets are stomped. Regrets are a terrible thing to have on your mind all day. Taub thinks its best that regrets become nonexistent so that you can focus on the present. He also recommends that you over indulge. It is important to over indulge with the people or things that are important to you, like family. You never know where life can take you so it is important to always focus and spend time and money on what truly matters to you.


Putting family first is also important to Daniel. Daniel was in the military for some time so he has witnessed tragic events. Those events along with other life lessons has taught Daniel to always put family first no matter what job or career that you may have!


Visit to learn more.

Doe Deere Discusses Her Life And How Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Dreams Come True

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who owns the cosmetics brand Lime Crime. She gave an interview a while back ago about how people can make their dreams come true. In the interview, she discussed other things such as where she got her start, has she always had ambition and talked about her time in New York City.


Deere’s Childhood And Start

Doe Deere says her formative years were spend in New York City and Russia, which is where she was born and lived until she was 17-years-old. After living in NYC for years, she eventually relocated to the city of Los Angeles. Learn more:


When she was younger, she dreamed of becoming a musician. She has always had an ambitious soul, and she moved to NYC to pursue her dream of becoming a musician.


Deere’s Advice For Younger Women Who Wants To Make Their Dreams Come True

Deere’s advice for younger women is straightforward. She believes people should follow their heart and that everyone has something unique and special about them. She believes when people tune into what makes them special, then they will blossom and reach their full potential.


The Birth Of Lime Crime

Deere has always been into brightly colored cosmetic products, as well as colors considered to be unusual. However, in 2008 she found it very difficult to find makeup she liked, so she decided to just make her own. This lead to her creating her own company, Lime Crime. Her company quickly became a major success because other girls were gravitating towards the products she was creating.


What Makeup Means To Doe Deere

Makeup means a lot to Deere. In fact, makeup is a way for Deere to express herself. She feels that this is the case with other women who buy products from Lime Crime.


The owner of Lime Crime continued to say how she attended FIT in New York and her major was fashion design. She said that makeup and fashion goes hand-in-hand, as well as hair. She said what you put on your face, what you do to your hair and what goes on your body are all ways of expression yourself.


If you want to find out what product line Lime Crime carries, feel free to visit their website. You’ll also be able to learn more about the company and Doe Deere. Learn more:


Dick DeVos Is A Renowned Reformer

Many people know Dick DeVos as the husband of Betsy DeVos, who has been politically active since she was in college. But I am well aware that reforming tendency is a part of their family. It was in 2006 that Dick DeVos has stood for elections for the Governor of Michigan. He was the Republican nominee.


Dick DeVos has always looked for innovative solutions in business as well as in politics. He had founded the Windquest Group along with his wife in 1989. I know it to be a privately held group that is investing in varied fields that include technology, manufacturing, along with clean energy. Dick DeVos is well-known as was the former president of Amway. In addition, he has been the former president of Orlando Magic NBA franchise.


But I also know Dick DeVos for his various nonprofit roles. He is heading the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. His charitable interests are varied.


He had paid a visit to the Potter’s House Christian School along with his wife when their kids were young enough. This place had been serving many low-income families for the past 30 years. This was when they met those parents who had been trying very hard to provide a safe, learning environment to their kids.


This made him go back to the place again and again, along with his wife. He had ample resources to send his kids to whichever school he wanted. But he saw that there were other parents who were trying very hard to do so. This was when they decided to support some individual students at this school. Slowly, it turned into a much larger commitment. Even today, Dick DeVos supports the Potter’s House significantly.


I realized that all this had a major impact on Dick DeVos. He along with Betsy became increasingly committed to helping parents who came from low-income families. They wanted them to be able to choose the right school for their kids as that would have been fair.


Dick DeVos decides to run for the State Board of Education. He got elected to the Board in Michigan in 1990. He also started a foundation. This was giving scholarships to low-income families. This allowed parents to decide where they would send their kids for education. But they also realized that this was not the way to address the real problem. Hence he decided to get involved in the movement for choosing education.


Follow Dick DeVos on Facebook.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping – Modernity with Change

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur and respected property developer who is responsible for Manaira, one of Brazil’s top shopping malls in the Paraiba state.


Located in Joao Pessoa, Manaira, the success of the shopping center has been primarily attributed to the vast amount of honest, positive reviews it has been getting, whether through online or more traditional media like newspapers and magazine. This comes as a new surprise, especially in the online aspect, and more especially in social media, because once a brand or company name starts trending in social media, it is like free advertising and with more reach. But what is it with Roberto Santiago’s Manaira shopping that attracts a lot of attention and in result more positive reviews?


Experts say that it is because of Manaira’s core design and simple yet effective messaging or call to action from the mall. It has a feel to it that attracts you to go inside and “do something” in the shopping, like meeting your friends and watching a movie.


The mall has a ton of shops, restaurants, and cinemas that attract people in all walks of life. Be it teenagers, young adult, middle-aged or old people.


Now one of the most popular leisure activities of Brazilians, when they go to shopping malls, is going to the theatre, so Roberto Santiago made it his priority to make the cinemas in Manaria modern, state-of-the-art and above all, clean and comfortable.


There are also various exciting events in the mall that continuously change, usually depending on the season. Manaira Shopping is also one of the shopping centers in the entire Latin America that has been updated the most since its inauguration.


Roberto Santiago ordered a reform of the parking region and increased the total space occupied by the shopping center twice already, adding new places to visit, new activities to do with the family and more opportunities to go shopping and buy all kinds of stuff.


Manaira Shopping was created on November 11, 1989, which makes it not a very modern shopping center compared to some of the most prominent shoppings in the country. However, what stands out is that it is always renewed to feel fresh and exciting, like in 2013 when Roberto Santiago made an expansion and in 2014 the entrepreneur inaugurated the gourmet space.


Truly, Roberto Santiago’s Manaria Shopping mall has become a favorite place to go for Brazilians, whether they are just meeting a friend, looking for a place to eat, shop or to sit back and watch a movie. The amount of leizure has been drastically incrased since the foundation of the shopping center because of the amount of updating and all the extensions that have been made by Roberto Santiago.